Ock Ju Hyun and Junsu Recasted for Musical “Elisabeth”

Singer/musical actress Ock Ju Hyun and singer/musical actor Junsu (member of JYJ) have been recasted to play the leading roles in the musical “Elisabeth.

This July, the two actors will be playing the same roles as they did previously of “Elisabeth” and “Death,” respectively.

Although the musical was introduced to the Korean audience only last year, the original cast and show was played in Vienna, Austria in 1992.

Double-casted for the same role as Ock Ju Hyun is the veteran musical actress Kim So Hyun. Also playing the role of “Death” is singer Park Hyo Shin and musical actor Jeon Dong Seok

The musical tells the story of “Elisabeth,” the Empress of Austria, through the lens of her obsession with “Death,” as her marriage and empire crumble at the turn of the century.

Elizabeth junsu, ock ju yeon, park hyo shin