Lee Hyori Explains Why She Doesn’t Like Handsome Guys

Sexy queen Lee Hyori reveals what she likes in a man.

On May 31, she made a guest appearance on radio program “Kim Bum Soo’s Music Plaza” where the radio host, Kim Bum Soo, asked, “Don’t you look at appearances?” with regards to her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon, indirectly joking that Lee Sang Soon is not good looking.

“I do look at appearances,” Lee Hyori answered. “I don’t like handsome guys. Do you know how difficult and fussy they are?” She turned to Kim Bum Soo and said, “You also have charm,” implying that Kim Bum Soo is not handsome.

Kim Bum Soo further asked, “What’s the standard?” Lee Hyori replied, “Rather than pretty boys with structured faces, I like guys with personalities. I met with pretty guys and they’re nothing.” She added with a laugh, “I get bored easily.”