MBLAQ to Host “SNL Korea” and Display Rated-R Comedy

MBLAQ fans, are you ready for some good news?

MBLAQ will be hosting the popular comedy show, “SNL Korea” on June 1. MBLAQ has been showing the public their strong and masculine performances throughout the years and now, they will have a chance to tell their rated-R jokes!

Lee Joon, who has been recognized of his acting skills through “Ninja Assassin” as well as his multiple charms through many variety shows, is being highly anticipated to give many laughs through this guest appearance.

Mir has been actively participating in the highly popular variety show, “Real Men” while MBLAQ’s leader Seungho displayed his dance skills through “Dancing With the Stars Season 3.”

“SNL Korea”s production team stated, “Despite MBLAQ’s busy comeback schedule, they decided to make an appearance on our show, which is becoming highly anticipated by the public,” and “In recent meetings, the MBLAQ members were very active in producing ideas such as making a parody of ‘Ninja Assassin.’ The public can expect an unhindered change of this idol group that they haven’t seen before.”