MBLAQ’s Mir Feels Wistful About Leaving “Real Man”

On June 2, Mir tweeted, “Starting today, I have officially stepped down from all activities with ‘Real Man.’ I feel sad I couldn’t show a better image of army men while I was on the show, so for that I’m sorry. In case I do get a chance to return to the show, I would work harder and give it my all to show you a better side of myself. Please continue to give ‘Real Man’ your interest and root for the show~!!”

Mir is currently preparing for his comeback with MBLAQ and wrapped up his last appearance on ‘Real Man’ on June 2. Since Mir is an idol member, there were initially many concerns that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demands of a life of a man in the army. However, Mir was able to shake off those doubts and earn acknowledgement from viewers by showing diligence and earnestness.