So Yi Hyun Refuses to Create Love Line with Kim Jong Kook

On the latest episode of SBS‘ “Running Man,” So Yi Hyun stated clearly that she was not interested in creating a love line with Kim Jong Kook. On June 2, comedian Jung Joon Ha and actress So Yi Hyun made guest appearances on SBS’s “Running Man.” 

On that day, Kim Jong Kook was caught shifting into a much more gentle and approachable posture when So Yi Hyun made her appearance on the show. The members teased Kim Jong Kook, “Why has your face suddenly turned red?” and began to suggest the possibility of creating a love line between the two for the show.

However, So Yi Hyun squashed those hopes by pointing out, “Doesn’t Kim Jong Kook have a love line with Moon Geun Young?” She continued, “Moon Geun Young is like my precious younger sibling” and thus refused to establish a love line while causing everyone to laugh at her refreshingly straightforward response.