Lee Seung Gi Looks Beautiful in Hanbok Dress in BTS Photos of “Gu Family Book”

On June 2, the production staff of MBC’s drama “Gu Family Book” released several behind-the-scene photos.

In the pictures, Suzy, Sung Joon, and Lee Seung Gi are all wearing female Hanbok dresses on top of black training outfits. In one photo, Suzy appears to be laughing hard as the other members smile at her.

Director Park Tae Young stated, “Lee Seung Gi, Suzy, and Sung Joon have a lot of scenes together, so they are very close to each other. Suzy and Sung Joon are also great at responding naturally to Lee Seung Gi’s ad lib.”

Fans that saw these pictures commented, “They all look great,” “Lee Seung Gi looks surprisingly great in female cloth,” and “Why did they wear that?”

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