“Dream High” Actress Ahn Sun Young Makes Wedding Announcement

Ahn Sun Young announced that she’s getting married!

On June 3, MBC’s entertainment news program “A Good Feeling Day” aired an interview with the actress where she revealed that she will marry a man who is three years younger.

“We’re planning to get married this fall,” she said. “We haven’t finalized on the date. We’re thinking that it will be sometime this fall. If it wasn’t for this person, I probably wouldn’t have thought about marriage yet.”

The reporter asked which celebrity he most closely resembled. She answered, “The celebrity he looks closest to is Lee Byung Hun.” She laughed, “His nickname is Bu Byung Hun, which is shortened from Busan’s Lee Byung Hun.”

Regarding children, she answered, “We’re currently talking about having more than two children. Because of my age, it would be great if I could give birth to twins next year. I’m currently preparing to work out and have a healthy body.”

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