Minwoo is Embarrassed by His 100% Members

Member Minwoo of group 100% confessed he was too embarrassed to stand by his members through a photo.

Recently on his me2Day account, Minwoo posted a photo of his fellow members with the caption, “We came to the ‘gu’ office because we had to get a copy of our family registry but I am standing away from my members because I am embarrassed by the outfits. I’m embarrassed.”

In the photo, the rest of the members of 100% are standing huddled together in their stage outfits, holding pieces of paper. The juxtaposition of the group’s flashy costumes to the boring decor of the office makes one giggle and agree with Minwoo’s brief embarrassment.

Currently, 100% is in the midst of promoting their song “Want U Back” on the various music programs.