Wheesung and Prosecutor’s Office Deny Rumors of Propofol Investigations

Wheesung who is currently in the military, recently came under controversy for allegations of using propofol. Wheesung and the prosecutor’s office together denied the rumors that Wheesung was being investigated for using propofol. 

A representative of Wheesung stated on June 1, “I was on the phone with Wheesung’s parent and it is not true that Wheesung was summoned to the proseuctor’s office on June 1. Wheesung is currently training in his military service.”

Towards the end of 2012, Wheesung had been called into the prosecutor’s office for investigations regarding the illegal use of propofol. At the time, it was established that Wheesung’s use of propofol was legal and for treatment purposes. The prosecutor’s office also stated that Wheesung was not summoned for investigations regarding the illegal use of propofol. Wheesung’s military service will end on August 6.