NS Yoonji Appears in a Sexy Skit for SNL Korea

SNL Korea is certainly keeping up their reputation of doing risqué comedy skits! NS Yoonji appeared in the SNL Korea skit called “His Voice.” There, she appeared in clothes that were very revealing.

During the skit, NS Yoonji acted like a women who was being harassed by a stalker. Shin Dong Yup appeared in the skit as a detective and asked racy questions such as “What color was your underwear, what did you do with the man.” NY Yoonji replied, “We drank beer and went into the room. He unbuttoned my blouse.”

NS Yoonji wore a thin white shirt that revealed what she was wearing underneath. Shin Dong Yup continued to ask NS Yoonji racy questions until the end of the skit!