2PM Admits, “We Get Tired of Hearing the JYP Intro Too”

Male idol group 2PM recently admitted that “There have been times when JYP has been tiresome.”

On June 1, KBS 2TV‘s “Entertainment Relay” interviewed 2PM and took them on a guerrilla date. On that day, 2PM had the opportunity to head to the streets and meet fans while playing a friendly game of “Ddak Ji.” 

When 2PM was asked in their interview if they’d ever been tired of JYP, Taecyeon said frankly, “In the intro of many of our songs, Jin Young hyung will always add ‘JYP.’ Sometimes that can be tiresome to hear.”

2PM made additional surprising confessions on the show, such as “It feels a bit burdensome when younger artists now greet us,” since it had been approximately 5 years since their debut. When Nichkhun was asked if he thought his face was the most handsome, he replied “Yes” which prompted Chansung to tease, “He’s no longer far-sighted,” causing everyone to laugh.