“High Kick” Sitcom Producer to Start New Sitcom

Producer Kim Byung Wook, who is well known for his “High Kick” sitcom trilogy, is preparing to make a comeback with a new sitcom and it will be aired on the cable channel, tvN.

There’s a lot of interest surrounding the project as it will be the cable channel’s first daily sitcom. It’s also been revealed that the writers and staff who also worked with him in the “High Kick” series will participate in this sitcom. Currently, 120 episodes are planned and it will air from Mondays to Thursdays in the evening.

CJ E&M’s chief producer Kim Young Kyu, who is in charge of the project, revealed his thoughts, “CJ E&M, who has shown new genres and fresh material in the drama department, has been preparing on a daily sitcom for a long time. We plan to carefully combine the skilled sitcom dream team and tvN’s planning ability to create a sitcom fever. Please look forward to it.”

high kick inside

high kick