It has been reported that the production company of the MBC drama, “Rascal Sons,” which ended last March, has failed to pay the cast and staff.

The production company, To Be Enterprise, continued to push back the payments even after the drama came to an end and to make things worse, the company’s CEO is known to have disappeared overseas.

One of the drama’s cast member’s agency revealed on May 31 and said, “We haven’t received our payments from the production company even after the drama was over,” and “The amount is about 100 million won (about $100,000 USD).”

According to this source, not only this particular cast member but even the main leads of the drama have not received payments. Furthermore, even the staff members have not yet been paid.

Sources from MBC stated, “We have supplied the production company with the settled amount,” and “We need to re-check the situation in order to figure out how to solve this.”

Currently, To Be Enterprise is reported to have fallen apart. One particular source stated, “At the moment, all employees have left the company and no one is there,” and “No one knows where the CEO is right now.”

To add onto the situation, it has been reported that To Be Enterprise failed to pay the public relations agency that was hired for this drama.

Marketing and PR agency Red Med stated that they haven’t been paid for their services and they currently cannot reach the company’s CEO.

Red Med added, “We were introduced to To Be Enterprise’s CEO through mutual acquaintances and we started our PR services for the drama just at its half-way mark,” and “Even though our services are complete and it is already June, we have not gotten paid.”

They also commented, “We knew that the actors and staff weren’t paid either but there was nothing we could do to help,” and “If we ever get any information on To Be Enterprise or its CEO, we promise to help out and deliver it to everyone else.”

Meanwhile, “Rascal Sons” starred top-notch actors such as Na Moon Hee, Lee Sung Jae, Myung Se Bin, Ryu Soo Young and Seo In Gook to depict a warm family story. However, the drama came to an end with low ratings. The drama started on September of last year and ended on March 24 of this year with 50 episodes.

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