Park Tae Hwan Admits, “I Liked Han Hye Jin Before Ki Sung Yueng”

Professional swimmer Park Tae Hwan recently made the surprising confession that he had crushed on Han Hye Jin before his buddy, soccer player Ki Sung Yueng did. Happily engaged couple Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yueng have announced that they will be having their wedding this summer. 

On June 3, Park Tae Hwan made a guest appearance on SBS‘s “Healing Camp” where he revealed, “Actually…I liked Han Hye Jin before Ki Sung Yueng.”

He also mentioned that he frequently kept in touch with Ki Sung Yueng, who is approximately the same age as he is and admitted it was slightly awkward to call Han Hye Jin “sister-in-law” because she is 8 years older.

Park Tae Hwan also went on to talk about his supposed playboy image, stating that he had only been in a serious relationship once. He confessed, “When my last girlfriend told me she was going to break up me, I tried to hang on to her several times but I was ultimately dumped.”