Minwoo From Boy Group 100% Talks About Hardships From Strict Dieting

Minwoo, from boy group 100%, shares how hard it was for all the members to build muscular bodies.

The group recently made a comeback with “Want U Back” from the first mini album “Real 100%” and drew the attention from the public with a manly transformation.

In a recent interview with NewsEn, Minwoo said, “For four months, we only ate chicken breasts, bananas, almonds and sweet potatoes for our daily three servings. There were times when we were so sick of it that we would just starve.”

He went on, “When we saw that our bodies were changing, we finally felt great and that it was worth it. We liked how our bodies reflected from the mirror. You have no idea how angry we were when people claimed we photoshopped our bodies. We really earned it with difficulty.”

He continued, “Our weight is the same, but our muscle mass increased. Sang Hoon has the lowest body fat percentage. I think it’s about 4-5%. We definitely have more self confidence than before. We feel great and it’s fun going to the public bath.”

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