According to Sports Korea, newly married couple Jung Suk Won and Baek Ji Young will head to Las Vegas for their honeymoon early next month. A singer close to the couple revealed that they received a honeymoon package as a present, which they’ll use early July after both of their schedules clear up.

It’s difficult for the couple to immediately leave for a honeymoon because it is difficult for Baek Ji Young to ride an airplane at an early stage of pregnancy while Jung Suk Won is currently finishing up the filming of his movie “Battle of Yeonpyeong.”

A person close to Baek Ji Young revealed, “Baek Ji Young agreed to postpone the honeymoon as a consideration of Jung Suk Won. He will finish filming in early July and she will be in a safer period of the pregnancy so it looks like there will be no problems riding an airplane then. Baek Ji Young is looking forward to the honeymoon as it’s a present from her friends.”

Jung Suk Won and Baek Ji Young got married on June 2 at the Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul. MBC producer Kim Young Hee shared that the couple cried while making their vows to one another. At the press conference, Jung Suk Won said, “I was already thinking about marriage when our relationship became public. It’s natural for guys and girls to meet and breakup. I really loved her without thinking too far into the future, but it was time for us to get married. I’ll always be thankful for the small things and live with a satisfied heart.”

Baek Ji Young added, “We made vows to one another before the wedding. We promised to have trust and be good to both our families. We also promised to go on trips as a family and meet our families and get close.”