Kim Jae Kyung Is Happy With Her Red Feet

Recently, girl group Rainbow’s member Kim Jae Kyung showed off her painted feet.

On her Twitter on June 4, Kim Jae Kyung uploaded several photos along with a message, “Tada. Because I am Kim Red, my feet are painted red too.”

In the released pictures is Kim Jae Kyung who has painted the bottom of her feet with red paint. She has her feet lifted towards the camera, and is smiling excitedly. With her child-like enthusiasm, Kim Jae Kyung looks adorable in these selcas.

Netizens that saw these photos commented, “Weird girl,” “Cute,” “Kim Jae Kyung is so pretty,” and “What is going on here?”

Meanwhile, Rainbow released its news song “Sunshine” on June 4, 2013. The members are to start promoting the song on June 7 on KBS’s “Music Bank.”

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