Jang Yoon Jung and Do Kyung Wan Look Happy in Recent Selca

During the recent filming of KBS’s “Vitamin,” trot singer Jang Yoon Jung’s future husband Do Kyung Wan revealed a couple selca.

In the picture the couple is shown wearing matching shirts. Jang Yoon Jung is smiling happily, while Do Kyung Wan has a comical expression on his face.

When the MC asked if they enjoy wearing matching shirts, Do Kyung Wan answered shyly, “We didn’t mean to wear matching outfits. We just happened to wear similar looking shirts.”

The MC also asked, “Is Jang Yoon Jung close to your ideal type?” Do Kyung Wan answered, “My ideal type has always been an intelligent woman, and Jang Yoon Jung is both smart and mature. She is my ideal type I have always hoped to meet.”

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