“Bare Footed Friends” in Viewership Rating Trouble!

Uh oh, it looks like SBS’ “Barefooted Friends” is facing some trouble! Despite the fact that the show has now invited the “Variety Show Black Belt” Lee Hyori in, the viewership ratings are not doing so well.

According to Nielson Korea the viewership rating of the May 2 broadcast of “Barefooted Friends” was 5.2 percent. The previous broadcast of May 26 was 5.4 percent. For reference, the first broadcast of “Barefooted Friends” on April 21 was 5.6 percent. Also, “Barefooted Friends” had an all-time low viewership rating of 2.9 percent on May 5.

Meanwhile, the June 2 broadcast of “Dad where are you going” had a viewership rating of 15.9 percent. “Running Man” had a viewership rating of 13.7 percent.