Jo In Sung and Go Jun Hee Drink Soju Together

Actors Jo In Sung and Go Jun Hee team up to endorse a brand of soju, undoubtedly one of the most, if not, the most popular Korean drink. According to reports in local news agencies, Lotte Liquor has signed up the two good-looking thespians to model for their brand.

“We are pleased to announce that Jo In Sung and Go Jun Hee are cast to be the final selection of Lotte Liquor to represent the brand in its first entry into mainstream advertising,” a statement from the company said, as quoted in local news agencies. “Please expect them in full-fledged promotional activities in June.”

Focusing on the “Shaker Soju,” Jo In Sung and Go Jun Hee shot a campaign for Lotte Liquor. Reports further said the choice of the two former models-turned-actors is to emphasize the properties of the product through building up a soft and stylish image for the brand. 

“Jo In Sung, who recently wrapped and gained popularity for ‘That Winter The Wind Blows’ gives off a chic style. It’s the same as the same for Go Jun Hee, who is known to be beautiful. They have both achieved success in dramas and other aspects of the entertainment industry and will be good models in our first time to go into mainstream advertising,” the statement further said.

Jo In Sung and Go Jun Hee are under contract for one year and are expected to appear in TV commercials, print ads and other promotional materials, as well as participate in marketing activities.