Child Star Mason Moon Sings and Dances to Z.Hera’s “Peacock”

Adorable child star Mason Moon showed that he has what it takes to be an idol one day by learning the dance and words to rookie singer Z.Hera‘s single, “Peacock.”

The video was shared through CJ E&M YouTube channel as part of the reality tv series Z.Hera is starring in about her singer debut. In the video, Z.Hera receives a mission to teach seven year old Mason Moon the dance and words to her song. She gladly takes on her mission, and after having some fun with the adorable kid, she teaches him the moves and he picks them up quickly. International fans will be delighted to see that Mason and Z.Hera talk to each other mostly in English. At the end of the video Mason treats the viewers with his cover of 2AM‘s “Can’t Let You Go.”