U-KISS, Jang Hyuk, and Various Celebrities Donate Through Online Auction Website

Park Joong HoonAhn Sung KiPark Shin YangJang HyukKim Gyu Ri, and U-KISS did philanthropy through Bakssi.com. Bakssi.com is an auction website. The theme of the website is, “Good Consumption, Good Sharing.” The total amount of profits made through the auction will be given to charity.

Bakssi.com puts up for auction items that celebrities and other famous individuals have donated.

The interesting fact about Bakssi.com is that when a person donates, they designate what kind of charity the money will be used for. This is a type of “Choice Donation” service system. Bakssi.com wants to provide transparency and choice to the person or group donating.