2PM’s Junho Snaps a Photo with the Members of “Thank You”

On his Twitter on May 5, 2PM’s Junho uploaded a photo along with a message, “This Friday at 11:20PM on ‘Thank You.’ Ji Tae hyung, Soo Bin hyung, Junho hyung, Ki Chan hyung, and In Pyo hyung. I was able to have a trip that allowed me to be thankful for the moment. Thank you to the crews of ‘Thank You.’”

In the released picture are Junho and the show’s MCs and guests, Yoo Ji Tae, Bae Soo Bin, Kim Jun Ho, Lee Ki Chan and Cha In Pyo. They are posing with V-signs or have their thumbs up as they gather around Junho and smile at the camera.

Netizens that saw this photo commented, “I am really looking forward to this episode,” “Unusual group of people! Cha In Pyo is the cutest,” and “I can see that they had a wonderful time.”