f(x)’s Sulli Loves Shrimp!

Recently on her me2day on June 5, girl group f(x)’s maknae Sulli uploaded a photo along with a message, “Shrimp shrimp shrimp delicious shrimp.”

In the released picture is Sulli holding a large shrimp that has been caught. She is wearing a denim jacket, black shirts, and a pink hat. With her adorable smile and beautiful skin, Sulli looks gorgeous in this photo.

Netizens that saw this selca commented, “That shrimp looks happy to be food to Sulli,” “What a huge shrimp,” and “All I notice here is how pretty Sulli is. I didn’t even see the shrimp at first.”

Meanwhile, on the recent episode of MBC Music’s “Amazing f(x),” Sulli revealed that she has aquaphobia, or a fear of water.

sulli me2day