Ex-Idol Member Who Debuted Last Year Accused of Male Sexual Assault

Star News reports that an ex-idol member and current acting school instructor Mr. A (age 26) has been accused of male sexual assault.

On June 5, the Seoul Police reported that Mr. A sexually assaulted a male civilian B in his twenties on June 1 in the acting school dormitories.

Mr. B told the police during the investigation that he was in Mr. A’s acting classes. Mr. A also lived in the acting school’s dormitories along with Mr. B when one night, Mr. A went into Mr. B’s room and sexually assaulted him.

Police sources spoke with Star News and said, “Mr. A was sued by Mr. B on the counts of sexual assault,” and “Mr. B has finished giving his statement and now we are planning on questioning several witnesses.”

The source also added, “We will be summoning Mr. A for investigations as well.”

Meanwhile, Mr. A debuted last year as part of a male idol group and at the moment is an acting school instructor.