Rock Band Nell Releases Second Teaser and Track List for Upcoming Album

Woollim Entertainment’s rock band, Nell, has released a second video teaser and the tracklist for their upcoming album “Escaping Gravity.” The video teaser was released through Woollim’s official YouTube channel and the track list through their Twitter.

The video teaser is for the main track “Ocean of Light” shows the members rocking it out as they are getting soaked with water. The music in video hints at something that is nothing like K-Pop but something contemporary rock fans will surely enjoy. “Ocean of Light” is sure to be an addictive track.

The track list was revealed through a picture that Nell’s frontman Kim Jong Wan shared through his Twitter. The six songs on the “Escaping Gravity” album will be the main track “Ocean of Light” along with “Boy-X,” “Perfect,” “Burn,” “Haven,” and “Walk Out.” 

A representative of Woollim Entertainment said, “The members of Nell wanted to release the track list a bit more sooner for their fans so they shared it through their Twitter before it was put on their official homepage.”

“Escaping Gravity” will be released on June 10, but before the band will play at the “Rainbow Festival” on June 9.