After School’s Lizzy to Cameo in Japanese Drama “Evil Spirit Ward”

Wow great news for After School Lizzy and fans located in Japan! The cute After School member will be appearing in a Japanese drama! It is her first time! According to her agency Pledis Entertainment, “Lizzy will be appearing in the nighttime drama ‘Evil Spirit Ward’ (Rough translation) that will be broadcast on MBS and TBS this coming July. She will be appearing as a cameo on episode 3 and 4.”

She will be playing the role of “Tae Hee,” who is a Korean exchange student that is hospitalized.

Lizzy said of her upcoming appearance, “I get scared easily, so I was a bit nervous after hearing that the drama was a horror genre one. However, while filming the director and staff were good to me so I was able to finish the filming successfully. The scene that I come out in really sets the scary mood, so don’t miss it and please watch it.”

Meanwhile, After School will be coming back on June 13.