Shinhwa Broadcast Apologizes for Sexual Harassment Controversy

Uh oh! Shinhwa Broadcast recently apologized for the sexual harassment controversy that occurred after the airing of one of their episodes. The apology from the Shinhwa broadcast production team went out on June 4 through the broadcast’s official twitter.

The message read: “We apologize for the psychological discomfort caused by the broadcast on June 2. Unlike what most of you had worried, the filming was done through mutual understanding between Andy and the female comedians. In order to make the broadcast more fun, we emphasized certain moments through the editing process. We believe this was the reason that caused discomfort for the viewers.”

The apology continued, “We will be careful so that what you are worrying won’t happen in the next episode. We will engrave the interest and advice you have for ‘Shinhwa broadcast’ into our hearts, and we will try out best to make a ‘Shinhwa broadcast’ that is more enjoyable.”