Yoo Sae Yoon Loses License After Turning Himself in for DUI

The comedian Yoo Sae Yoon has received additional investigation for his DUI (Driving under the influence, or drunk driving) incident. Now he is going through the legal process. On May 29, Yoo Sae Yoon had drove drunk and afterwards he went to the Ilsan Police Station and turned himself in. Yoo Sae Yoon’s blood alcohol level was 0.117% which would mean that his driver’s license would get cancelled.

The Ilsan police station stated, “There was no accident due to the DUI. Yoo Sae Yoon felt guilty and that is why he turned himself in. This is the first time that somebody turned himself in after drunk driving.”

Yoo Sae Yoon apologized on his twitter May 31, “I am sorry. I gave a huge disappointment to all the people that love me. The incident happened impulsively because I had a lot of stress.”