Park Myung Soo Releases Jacket for Upcoming Single “You’re My Girl”

Did you know that talented MC and comedian Park Myung Soo was also a singer? A representative of Park Myung Soo recently released the jacket image for Park Myung Soo’s upcoming single “You’re My Girl.” The jacket image was released through twitter on June 5.

The tweet read, “Here is the jacket image for ‘You’re My Girl.’ On June 12, the music will be released. The song was produced and lyrics written by ‘leopard cat.’ Please give the song your interest.”

Park Myung Soo’s song “Prince of the Sea” which was released in 2000 was quite popular. Even more popular was his single “I’m Cheating” which was performed with G-Dragon and Park Bom for Infinity Challenge.

The teaser for “You’re My Girl’ will be released on June 11. Stay tuned to for more news regarding Park Myung Soo’s “You’re My Girl.”