[Gallery] How Did Stars Spend Their Memorial Day?

 seo hyun salute

June 6 is Korea’s Memorial Day, which commemorates the men and women who died while in military service or in the independence movement. Let’s see how and what our favorite stars did on this day to honor those brave men and women in history!

seo hyun army

Seohyun posted on the Girls’ Generation official page, “Everyone! Today is Memorial Day! Let us applaud the deceased patriots and deeply engrave their noble minds of safeguarding our country throughout the day!” 

 son dong woon memorial day

BEAST‘s Son Dong Woon‘s Memorial Day was extra special because it was also his birthday! He tweeted, “I was born on such a meaningful day so I was wondering what to do and decided to go hiking at Mt. Geomdan and visit the Memorial Monument on the bottom.”

He continued, “I thank my parents and I thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I hope everyone thinks about those who protected our country and re-think about the meaning of this day once again.”

hyuna memorial day

4minute‘s Kwon So Hyun celebrated Memorial Day as well as group member HyunA‘s birthday. She tweeted, “Today is Memorial Day and HyunA unni’s birthday. Please think of the day’s significance as well as wish HyunA a happy birthday!”

memorial day chansung

2PM‘s Chansung tweeted, “I’ve been working and working since yesterday and things just ended. After eating and paying attention, I realized that today is Memorial Day. A day that commemorates the men and women who died while in military service or in the independence movement and to cherish their loyalty. That’s what it says in the encyclopedia. Thank you. I will commemorate the sacrifice of the many. I should study Korean history… I hope the app that I use to study Korean History won’t change!”

kim woo bin memorial day

Kim Woo Bin posted on his me2day, “I am filming today with an even more thankful heart today!”

dasom 060613

SISTAR‘s Dasom tweeted, “Let’s not forget those who sacrificed themselves for the country! Don’t forget to raise the flags either!” 

kim soo ro memorial day

Kim Soo Ro asked netizens to take a moment of silence. He tweeted, “I gave a silent prayer. Everyone, you all should too. We are one.”

sam hammington memorial day

Sam Hammington also left a tweet that said, “I want to express my thanks to all those who protected Korea. Because of them, we are able to live here comfortably.”

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