miss A’s Fei Says that 2PM Went Crazy When They Watched Suzy’s Kiss Scene

During the recent interview with TV Daily, which took place on June 7, miss A’s Fei revealed, “I am enjoying Suzy’s current drama ‘Gu Family Book.’”

Fei stated, “I am, however, unable to watch the episodes on time. It is a traditional drama, and so the old Korean language is hard for me to understand. So I watch them when Chinese subtitles are available. I have also been busy with ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ and so I have only watched the first six episodes.”

When Suzy’s recent kiss scene was mentioned, Fei said, “I haven’t seen the scene yet. But recently, we had the chance to film with 2PM members, and they told Suzy, ‘Hey, it was totally crazy.’

Taecyeon said, ‘It was no joke.’ I wondered why the guys went so crazy over a kiss scene. This wasn’t even Suzy’s first kiss scene. But then I realized that this was a deep kiss. I could then understand why this was a big deal.”

Are you watching “Gu Family Book?” What did you think of the big kiss scene – was it worth the wait?