Comedian Kang Ho Dong’s Head Circumference Measures 26 Inches!

The head size of comedian Kang Ho Dong, who is well known among Korean celebrities for his usually large face, is receiving a lot of attention.

During the recent filming of SBS’s variety show “Star King,” MC Kang Ho Dong’s head circumference measurement was revealed.

When Goo Jong Yoon boastfully stated that his waist size is only 26 inches, MC Boom suddenly decided to measure Kang Ho Dong’s head. With the help from Kim Na Young, Boom used the measuring tape to get an exact measurement. When it turned out to be 26 inches, everyone at the set could not hide their surprise.

Meanwhile, this upcoming episode of “Star King,” which will also reveal Goo Jong Yoon’s dancing skills, will be aired on June 8, 2013.