Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung's 7-year Movie-like Past

Actor Lee Byung Hun (42) and actress Lee Min Jung (31) have had a movie-esque seven-year history.

It hasn’t been too long since the acting power couple announced their marriage. It’s only been a year since they announced their courtship, but what is the story behind how they met to setting the date of their wedding?

Where they first met, seven years ago…

It was 2006 when Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung first met. Lee Byung Hun was already a veteran top-star status actor and Lee Min Jung was a rookie trying to get her foot in the entertainment industry.

The two were introduced by acquaintances but their happiness together was short lived due to the reality of their profession. In an interview on the the SBS talk show “Healing Camp,” Lee Byung Hun confessed, “Lee Min Jung was just starting to get some work and I was working all the time… it was really difficult to find time to meet, so we broke up.”

An exciting reunion five years later…

Five years later, after the hard breakup, the stars finally aligned for the two actors. Lee Min Jung made star status after receiving praise for her work in the 2012 SBS drama, “Smile, You,” and KBS’ “Boys Before Flowers,” and became nominated for acting awards. It was at the award ceremony that the two met again and the fire rekindled.


It was when Lee Byung Hun finished filming the Hollywood blockbuster, “G.I. Joe 2,” that the two actors starting dating again. “Lee Min Jung appeared in my dreams,” said Lee Byung Hun on “Healing Camp,” as the actor continued to give details on how the couple got back together.

The predestined wedding…

After the couple announced their courtship, paparazzi took a picture of Lee Min Jung entering Lee Byung Hun’s parents’ home.
Thereafter, the picture made headlines, so both the representing agencies for the actors released a statement saying that the two will most likely wed in 2013.



It was no secret that the two were busy dating all over the world, be it the U.S., Korea or Japan. Lee Eun Hee, sister of Lee Byung Hun even said that the two were doing great, ever confirming that a wedding was imminent.


In the end, just like in the movies, the couple lives happily ever after, and announced the date of their wedding.

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