Haha’s “Hybrid” Character Is No More!

On his Twitter on June 8, “Running Man’s” Haha uploaded series of photos along with a message, “Should I get a haircut? Everyone! Should I really cut my hair? Just do it? If there are over 50 replies in a row right now, I will do it!”

When his goal of 50 mentions was reached quickly, Haha stated, “1000 mentions were received easily. Yes! I will get a haircut! No more macho man. I wear hat all the time anyway. Goodbye my hair. I would like to thank you. I won’t be able to let it grow like this again. Goodbye Hybrid.”

In the released photos is Haha getting his haircut at a hair salon. He looks excited in some photos, while he has sad expressions in others.

Netizens that followed this event commented, “He really did it” and “I want to see the after-photo.”

Meanwhile, “Hybrid,” which is short for “Hybrid Sammy Sosa Rio Raybe,” was a character Haha created on MBC’s “Infinity Challenge.”

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