2PM’s Nichkhun Shows Interest in Figure Skater Yuna Kim

On the recent episode of MBC’s “Sebakwi,” which aired on June 8, various celebrities including members of 2PM and MBLAQ appeared as special guests to discuss dating and marriage.

When the MC asked about ideal types, Nichkhun stated to everyone’s surprise, “I like players.”

He then explained, “I like sports players. I have no preference to the type of sports, but my type is someone like Yuna Kim.” Yuna Kim is a South Korean figure skater who won the Olympic gold medal in 2010 and is the current World Champion.

When he was asked if he personally knew Yuna Kim, Nichkhun answered honestly, “I would like to get to know her.”

Netizens that saw this episode commented, “So Nichkhun likes sports stars,” “I think they would look great together,” and “Yuna Kim is every guy’s dream.”