Cast of “God of the Workplace” Support Jo Kwon and His Musical

Recently, 2AM’s Jo Kwon showed off his friendship with the cast of drama “God of the Workplace,” including the top actress Kim Hye Soo.

On his Twitter on June 7, Jo Kwon uploaded two photos along with a message, “The loving employees from ‘God of the Workplace’ came to see my show. Today, I am the king. Ha ha ha ha!!!”

In the first picture are Jo Kwon and Kim Hye Soo. Jo Kwon is wearing the full makeup and the costume for his role of “Herod” in the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Kim Hye Soo and Jo Kwon are standing close together and have their thumbs up for the camera.

In the second photo are various cast members of “God of Workplace,” including Kim Hye Soo, Oh Ji Ho, Jung Yoo Mi, and Jun Hye Bin. They are surrounding Jo Kwon, who is sitting down with a confident expression on his face.

Fans who saw these pictures commented, “It is so nice to see them being good friends,” and “Kim Hye Soo must really like Jo Kwon.”

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