Block B Loses Case Against Stardom and Will Continue to Fight Legally

Block B has lost their lawsuit against their former agency and released a statement on their future plans. 

On June 7 the Seoul Central District Court dismissed the injunction filed by Block B to end their exclusive contract with Stardom Entertainment on the counts of unpaid wages and others. The court decided that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to prove the charges that Stardom purposefully did not pay wages or violated their managerial responsibilities. Since Stardom promised to pay back what has not yet been paid, the court could not find that the contract had been nullified by the agency’s violations of managerial obligations. 

This does not mean Block B is done just yet. Block B will continue to fight legally and consider the contract terminated regardless. 

A representative of Block B said in a press release, “We would like to apologize for any inconvenience. We will continue and determine the legitimacy of the contract termination. We will demand responsibility from Stardom Entertainment for breaching their managerial requirements of the exclusive contract. In the case that the legitimacy of the contract termination is not acknowledged, we will take responsibility for the due damages.”

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