MBLAQ’s Mir’s Zombie-Like Profile Photo Scares Fans

Recently on an online community, a photo was uploaded under the title “Zombie Mir profile.”

In the picture, which is currently used as a profile photo on a portal site, is group MBLAQ’s Mir looking disturbing. He is wearing pale makeup and contact lenses, and is staring at the camera with an empty expression on his face. Unlike his usual warm self, fans found Mir to look like a zombie in this picture.

Netizens that saw this profile photo commented, “I didn’t even realize this is Mir at first,” “I almost fainted when I saw this picture,” “He looks so scary… This is not the same person,” and “Wow.”

Meanwhile, Mir recently left MBC variety program “Real Mendue to MBLAQ’s comeback schedule.

mir mblaq profile photo