Monstar’s OST Part 4, J Rabbit’s “Light Sleep – I Will Be Your Love” MV Released

On June 9, the OST part 4 track J Rabbit’s “Light Sleep – I Will Be Your Love” music video was released. The song is part of the OST for the drama “Monstar” which stars BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung and Ha Yeon Soo.

Yong Jun Hyung plays the character named “Yoon Seol Chan” who is the vocalist for an idol group Man In Black. He ends up at the school where he meets Ha Yeon Soo’s character “Min Sae Yi” because of an incident where he supposedly hit a fan. “Min Sae Yi” on the other hand is an exchange from New Zealand. The story revolves around the two hating each other first, but developing into something else.

In general, “Monstar” is a musical drama about teenagers being healed and growing up through music.