Actor/TV Personality Marco Arrested for Domestic Violence

On June 10, reports were made about actor and TV personality Marco‘s arrest for domestic violence.

Initial reports stated that Marco and his wife Ahn Si Hyun, a professional golfer, were arguing about issues with their child, which later turned violent when Marco grabbed her hair and hit her face. Reportedly, after receiving Ahn Si Hyun‘s call, the police arrested Marco. 

Another report gave a slightly different account of the story in more detail. Apparently, Ahn Si Hyun asked Marco for a tissue because their daughter urinated on the floor, which started the fight because Marco was in a hurry because he had to leave for work. As the verbal argument grew stronger, Marco apparently threw a vacuum cleaner and Ahn Si Hyun‘s cell phone on the floor. During this argument, Marco apparently grabbed Ahn Si Hyun‘s hair and lightly pushed her twice. 

However, Ahn Si Hyun later on denied that Marco used violence on her. She spoke with NEWSEN on June 10 and said, “It is true that we had a small verbal argument but Marco was not violent with me.”

She continued, “Both of us were very emotional so I did call the police but it’s not as serious as people think,” and “I have never talked about settlements or charges with the police and I have no thoughts to press charges against my husband with anything.”

She added, “Marco and I are very flustered that a small verbal argument became so widely covered by the media. I want to clear up any misunderstandings.” 

On June 10, the police spoke with Star News and stated that Ahn Si Hyun did not want to press charges and that the case is settled.

Marco’s agency confirmed this fact and said, “The two of them are very shaken that a small spat turned into something this big,” and “They currently reconciliated and are home with their daughter.”

Marco’s agency also added, “We are sorry for causing any worry,” and “We will follow MBC’s ‘Find Delicious TV‘ staff’s decisions. If the staff want Marco to step down, he will step down and have a time of reflection.” 

Some time later, MBC announced their decision on Marco’s “Find Delicious TV” appearances.

MBC spoke with TV Daily on June 10 and said, “We will air Marco’s parts in the show as planned,” and “Marco will appear in the New Zealand special that will air on June 15 but we will edit it to decrease his parts.”

MBC added, “Marco decided not to attend the studio recording that will take place on June 11 for the June 22 and June 29 episodes but his outdoor parts will air as planned,” and “As for the final decision for him to step down, we will decide on that after seeing how things go for a bit.” 

Meanwhile, Marco’s past story about getting into a fight at a club, which he shared on a TV show in 2009, is receiving belated interest.

At the time, he said, “It happens,” and “People from South America can be a bit hot-tempered. When I get mad, I can’t really control it.” 

Marco is originally from Argentina and debuted as an actor in Korea in 2007 through “Air City.” His popularity increased when he appeared on “We Got Married” as Son Dam Bi‘s virtual husband. He is currently an MC with Kim Ho Jin for “Find Delicious TV.”

Marco met Ahn Si Hyun through a mutual friend in 2009. After dating for two years, the two got married in 2011.

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