Naver Blocks Anti-Cafe of Six-Year-Old Celebrity Yoon Hoo

It was previously reported that an anti-cafe (a site where people who hate a celebrity gathers) was created for child star Yoon Hoo.

He became an instant celebrity participating in MBC’s variety program “Daddy, Where Are You Going?” He’s the son of Yoon Min Soo, who is a singer from duet group Vibe. The public reacted strongly against the anti-cafe and, as a result, it has become inaccessible.

A representative from Naver, one of Korea’s biggest search engine sites, stated, “This site went against the user agreement and operating principles of the site. We’re taking measures to limit the site.”

The person who created the anti-cafe reasoned why it should stay open. “Even though the site is a place where people who hate Yoon Hoo gather, it’s still a cafe where people come and converse.”

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