Soloist Park Sae Byul Releases Music Video for “If Love Lets Us Reunite”

Ballad singer Park Sae Byul has made her comeback with her second album and released the music video for “If Love Lets Us Reunite” through the official CJ E&M YouTube channel.

Park Sae Byul debuted in 2008 with the mini album “Diary” and then released her first album “Morning Star” in 2010. Her second album is titled, “High Heels” and will have songs about love from a woman’s perspective. Park Sae Byul has worked on this album for more than three years, writing, producing, and participating in the arrangement and the keyboard for the songs. “High Heels” consists of nine tracks, including her main track, “If Love Lets Us Reunite.” 

“If Love Lets Us Reunite” is a soft piano ballad sung by Park Sae Byul’s gentle and airy voice. The music video shows the singer playing the piano and romantic scenes of a couple in love.