Kara Will Keep Promise with “Kamilia” and Hold Fan Meeting on June 15!

Kara will keep their promise with fans and hold a fan meeting! The fan meeting with “Kamilia” will be held on June 15 at the Sang Myung Art Center in Seoul. The title of the fan meeting will be “Fan Meeting Celebrating Kamilia Day.” The fan meeting is a surprise mini fan meeting only open to fans that have already registered. The meeting will hold 1,000 fans.

(Kamilia Day is actually on June 11, and this day was declared by Kara at a large fan meeting on June 11, 2011)

In order to keep their promise with fans, all of the Kara members will be at the fan meeting. The concept of the fan meeting will be “Kamilia Awards.” Kara will become the winner of the awards while the fans will be audience. There will also be different events and corners that Kara has prepared for the fans.

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