Lee Joon Proves He's Not a Scrooge + Talks About Oh Yeon Seo

On June 10, MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon appeared on Mnet‘s “Beatles Code 2” and talked about his past “We Got Married” partner Oh Yeon Seo as well as refuting his Scrooge-like accusations.

MC Shindong asked Lee Joon, “Do you still keep in touch with Oh Yeon Seo?”

Then Lee Joon answered, “No, I don’t keep in touch with her,” and “At the time, I was filming a movie and since we stopped with ‘We Got Married,’ I was able to focus more on the movie. I think it was good that things ended.”

Previously, Oh Yeon Seo got involved in a dating scandal with Lee Jang Woo, which led the Lee Joon-Oh Yeon Seo couple to come to an end on “We Got Married.”

Lee Joon also disproved the accusations of him being a penny-pincher by sharing a story of how he bought $1,000 teddy bear.

He started by saying, “I recently bought a teddy bear and spent $1,000.”

He continued, “I relieve stress by sleeping but these days, I don’t feel refreshed even when I sleep. In the past, my fans gifted me with a teddy bear and when I slept with it, I slept really well,” as he explained the reason for his teddy bear purchase.

He added, “After buying that teddy bear, when I wake up in the morning, it feels like the bear is asking me if I slept well. I even have conversations with it.” Mir added, “The first thing that Lee Joon does when he goes home is to greet his teddy bear,” which made everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, during this episode, Mir and Thunder both talked about their thoughts on their older sisters, Go Eun Ah and Sandara Park, respectively.

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