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After news of an anti-cafe for “Daddy, Where Are We Going” star Yoon Hoo, son of Vibe‘s Yoon Min Soo, had reached the public, there has been an overwhelming response of support for the 6-year-old.

Netizens and celebrities alike participated in the “I Love Yoon Hoo” movement, which was to type in “I Love Yoon Hoo,” or “Yoon Hoo Angel” in the search box to make the “Yoon Hoo Anti-Cafe” search term get kicked off the top searched terms chart.

After Yoon Hoo’s anti-cafe news was released, “Yoon Hoo Anti-Cafe” sweeped the top searched terms chart. Yoon Hoo’s fans and many others were worried that Yoon Hoo might see and get hurt, which is why this movement began. Netizens made announcements on various portal sites saying, “Let us all search ‘I Love Yoon Hoo’ or ‘Yoon Hoo Angel.’ Let’s also not click or search for ‘Yoon Hoo Anti-Cafe.'”

Even celebrities helped lead this movement! As reported earlier, Lee Jong Hyuk tweeted his anger against the anti-cafe creators. This became the spark of this entire movement as other celebrities began to push for “I Love Yoon Hoo.”

Super Junior‘s Kangin tweeted on June 11, “Yoon Hoo is mine. ELFs, let’s help Yoon Hoo so he doesn’t get hurt.”

D-Unit‘s Jin posted on D-Unit’s official me2day, “Hello, this is Jin. I don’t want the young Yoon Hoo to get hurt. Yoon Hoo, I love you.” Jin also screencapped her “I Love Yoon Hoo” search and posted it as well.

After School‘s Lizzy also participated but she also gave much laughter when she tweeted, “After searching ‘I Love Yoon Hoo,’ I also searched ‘I Love Lizzy’ and it turns out there are 12 others who love me. So happy!”

Clazziquai‘s Alex tweeted, “I Love Yoon Hoo. Please grow into a handsome and healthy man!”

Others like Baek Ah Yeon, Soy, Nam Bora, Kim Soo Ro, and comedian Jung Jin Wook also tweeted their support for Yoon Hoo.

Finally, Yoon Hoo’s anti-cafe was shut down and the creator of the cafe came forward and apologized to Yoon Hoo and his family.

The cafe creator spoke with Xports News on June 11 and said, “I made the cafe without much thought. But it became a big issue and hit the media. It was even #1 on the searched terms chart so I was really shocked.”

The creator continued, “I thought, if I was a father with children… if my child was in grade school and had antis, then my heart would be in pain. Because of that, I decided to shut down the cafe.”

The creator stated, “It’s late but I want to apologize to Yoon Hoo and his family from the bottom of my heart. I hope Yoon Hoo doesn’t know about this situation. I apologize once again.”

The creater of Yoon Hoo’s anti-cafe submitted a request to close the cafe and it will go through on June 17.

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