Bada Names Eun Ji Won as Her Ideal Type Since SES Days

First generation girl group SES member Bada recently confessed that Eun Ji Won is her ideal type.

Bada was a guest on a recent episode of “20th Century Boys” that aired on June 11. Out of the show’s main cast, Moon Hee Jun, Tony An, Eun Ji Won, Danny Ahn and Chun Myung Hoon, Bada chose Eun Ji Won as “the guy I would try to set up with my friends.”

Bada confessed, “Personally, Eun Ji Won is my style,” and “I like manly men and in the past and even now, Eun Ji Won’s appearance is my style.”

Moon Hee Jun added, “When you were in SES, did you like Eun Ji Won?” Then Kim Jae Duk, who was part of Sechskies with Eun Ji Won, said, “I think I heard rumors that you liked him,” which made everyone laugh.

Throughout the episode, every time Bada talked to or looked at Eun Ji Won, she had a shy smile on her face, which caused everyone to tease her!

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