Jung Joon Young & Lee Chung Ah’s Love Story in Lee Seung Chul’s Third Teaser for “The Day to Love – Love One”

Lee Seung Chul‘s teaser #3 for “The Day to Love – Love One” has been released and features Lee Chung Ah and Jung Joon Young.

The teaser clip shows scenes with Jung Joon Young in a school uniform as he shakes up female fans’ hearts with his piercing gaze and youthful nature. Throughout the scenes, Jung Joon Young’s voice-over narration goes, “At that moment, it was so beautiful…and… I thought it’d last forever.” The clip then proceeds to Lee Seung Chul’s highlight melody.

The past teasers featured top stars such as Nam Gyu Ri and Roy Kim. The MV for “The Day to Love – Love One” will be released in three different parts. “The Day to Love – Love One” is set to be released on June 14.