EXO Reveals Behind the Scenes Videos for Album Cover, Music Video, and Busan Fan Meeting

SM Entertainment‘s rookie group EXO recently made their comeback with “Wolf” and released two behind the scenes videos for their fans through their official SMTOWN YouTube channel.

The first video is a making of video for their album photo shoot. The members of EXO switch between casual and formal clothing for this photo shoot. They also pair or group, and look like they are having a good time. Kai even does his unique arm heart. 

The second video is of another photo shoot and the music video filming. The members look comfortable and naturally move from one pose to another like pros. They charismatically perform their choreography for the music video and talk about how excited they are for their comeback.

The last video is of the group heading down to Busan for their first “Wolf” album signing. As expected, the excited fans nearly drown out what the members are saying with their barely contained screams. Chanyeol and Chen also reveal their special EXO school bus.