Announcer Park Chan Min Opens Up About His Seven-Year-Old Daughter’s Anti-Cafe

Although the anti-cafe for six year old (eight in Korean age) Yoon Hoo will be soon closed, there are still more anti-cafes of young child stars that currently exists.

On June 12, SBS’s “Midnight TV Entertainment” aired a small segment covering the topic of anti-cafes of childhood stars. In the segment, announcer Park Chan Min shared his thoughts as his young daughter is a child actress.

“It’s so unfortunate that a cafe was created on the basis of hating my daughter,” he said. “There are a lot of cursing and spiteful words on the cafe so I asked if it could be shut down, but I was told that it will be difficult because the person who created it has the rights [to the cafe].”

Announcer Park Chan Min continued, “I think that’s doing too much to a seven-year-old. Min Ha has no clue. I don’t show her stuff like this anti-cafe.”

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